Our responsibility

Flora D's responsibility.

Every year, 700 tonnes of new clothes that have never been used in Denmark are destroyed in Denmark, and worldwide the amount of clothing waste continues to grow. At the current speed, clothing waste, ie. clothing and textiles that are never used or reach the consumer, increase by approx. 60% between 2015 and 2030. This will globally mean 148 million tonnes of waste per year in 2030. We will not be a part of this.

That is why Flora D collaborates with the voluntary organization Designers without Borders, which collects clothes from Danish fashion companies that want a better solution for clothing waste and at the same time want to support a good cause.

Designers Without Borders works for a greener future, where both people and the environment are protected. They do this, among other things, by focusing on waste of clothes in collaboration with us. We donate the products, with production defects we can not sell, to the organization. Sales from here go directly to vulnerable young people and women in South Africa. "We also design our collections in small editions and with a focus on long durability both in terms of quality but also in terms of design.

Designers outside borders sell the donated clothing in South Africa where the profits are distributed to local projects for young people who come from particularly poor areas. The clothes have been sold for local events, called "Fashion Fundraisers".

Our scarves come with long durability.

Silk scarves are the most versatile and multifunctional fashion accessory. It comes in "onesize" and can be styled and used in a myriad of ways.

If scarves are made of high quality, they can also be inherited and last for generations.

Flora D's scarves are created from the idea of ​​timeless designs in limited editions that are never out of fashion.

We are eager to encourage our customers to consciously pursue fashion and to participate in the necessary changes in the fashion industry.


We believe that one of the most important keys to reducing environmental footprint is achieved by preventing overproduction therefore producing small limited collection.

We only produce our silk scarves from the best producers in Bursa, Turkey, which is known as the capital of silk and which has a long tradition and history of silk.